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Every girl wants to have long and dense eyelashes, which are curly and thick. The whole person's eyes will look more charming and short eyelashes

by:Biuty Lash     2020-02-22
Step 1: The eyes are curved. Before use, it is better to fit the false eyelashes better. You can bend back and forth to make the stem of the false eyelashes softer and more suitable. Step 2: everyone's eye shape is different, so after buying it, trim the false eyelashes first. Make it suitable for your own eye shape. How to trim? You can compare with your eyelashes and aim at the inner canthus 4- 5mm, the eye tail can be slightly longer, and the rest can be trimmed off. Step 3: When using glue, remember that both ends of false eyelashes are especially easy to curl up, so apply more glue at both ends. Step 4: As we all know, false eyelashes are very thin and soft. If you use your fingers, it will not be easy to master the position. It is better to prepare a pair of tweezers and you can adjust the position accurately. Step 5: In order to make eye makeup more perfect, after pasting false eyelashes, fill the root of eyelashes with eyeliner with vacant or exposed glue to make false eyelashes look more natural. Step 6: superimposing false eyelashes is not to superimpose the whole false eyelashes, just divide a row of false eyelashes into three segments, and take one of them and paste it. Step 7: Then stick this small segment of eyelashes on the end of the eye according to the steps of sticking false eyelashes. Step 8: In order to integrate true and false eyelashes, you can also gently press the root of eyelashes with an eyelash curler to stretch the head of eyelashes like combing your hair. 1. Prepare tools: eyeliner, eyelash curler, false eyelashes, glue and small clips. 2. After clipping your eyelashes, first check whether the length of false eyelashes is suitable for your eyes. If it is too long, it needs to be trimmed. Generally speaking, the tail end will be longer and it is most appropriate to cut it from the tail end, but it is important to note that the two false eyelashes should be trimmed symmetrically. 3. Before applying eyelash glue, it is best to massage the false eyelashes to make them softer, so that the curl suitable for the eyes can be adjusted. 4, pay attention to the eyelash glue, eye and eye tail to apply a little more, because these two positions are the most easy to raise. At this time, the small clip can play a very good role, you can use it to adjust the eyelashes, start from the middle, and then slowly adjust the eye tail and Eye head. 5. The most critical step is to fill the gap with eyeliner after pasting the false eyelashes, because sometimes the glue is not easy to dry and will show white things and look strange. 6. For pasting eyeliner, the most important thing is to distinguish the positive and negative sides. Contrary to the upper eyelashes, the lower eyelashes droop downward and only need to apply the front. In addition, stick eyelashes, time does not have to wait for a long time, can be stuck in a few seconds. Have you learned any tips on false eyelashes? Practice makes perfect. Those little fairies who say they can't make up must try a lot. No matter how powerful the beauty blogger is, they also start from the makeup White, only try slowly, in order to constantly find out the most suitable makeup for yourself! To stick false eyelashes well, the first step should be to find out your eye shape and the type of false eyelashes, such as the eye shape of some fairies, which is the European double eyelid that everyone envies very much, then it is more appropriate to choose exaggerated false eyelashes! However, some fairies have single eyelids, so it is not suitable to have curly false eyelashes in European and American makeup! According to the model, false eyelashes can be roughly divided into 99 #, 112 #, 216 #, 218 #, etc. In addition, according to the type of use, there are several categories such as doll eyelashes, movie eyelashes, simulated eyelashes and personalized eyelashes. In addition to looking at the style, it also depends on the stem of false eyelashes, which are generally divided into fish thread, cotton thread and plastic. Among them, the cotton thread stem is soft and does not tie the eyelids, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to bend after tearing and the reuse rate is not high! The fish line stem has a good makeup feeling. It can be cut out with scissors according to the eye shape. The makeup effect is better. The disadvantage is that it is easy to tilt up. After a period of time, many fairies will find eyelashes falling off. The plastic stem is relatively hard, and the makeup effect is better than cotton thread and fish thread, because it can hold up the eyelids, but it is difficult to remove makeup. If you don't master the method, it is very easy to tear off eyelashes or hurt your eyelids! 1: to buy false eyelashes, try to choose some artificial false eyelashes suitable for naked clothes, which will make eyelashes look more natural and not exaggerated. Take out the false eyelashes with tweezers, and the technique must be light to avoid deformation of eyelash stems. Tear off the residual glue at the root of false eyelashes, because if there is residual glue, it will affect the adhesion of false eyelashes. 2: make the false eyelashes more suitable for the radian of the eyes. You can adjust the shape of the false eyelashes appropriately. Use both hands to grasp the two ends of the false eyelashes and bend them inward several times to make the eyelash stem softer, and make the radian of the eyelash stem adapt to the radian of the eye. 3: Trim the false eyelashes at both ends to the length of your eyes. 4: Apply glue evenly on the root of the eyelash. The amount of glue should not be too much or too little. After applying the glue, you can't paste it until the glue is half dry. 5: use tweezers to hold the false eyelashes, first let the false eyelashes close to the middle of the eyes, then fit the tail along the eye shape, and finally fit the corners of the eyes, paste in this order. Note that false eyelashes should be attached to the side of the true eyelash line to ensure tightness. If you want the false eyelashes to be more natural, you can evenly cut the false eyelashes into 3 segments, and then paste them into the eye tail, eyes and eye head. 6: use tweezers to gently tighten the false eyelashes after sticking them, or use cotton swabs to press them properly to make the false eyelashes more fixed and not easy to take off makeup. 7: The next steps are also indispensable. In order to avoid glue exposure, it is perfect to use eyeliner to cover up false eyelash gluing marks. This is to make eye makeup look more natural. 8: Finally, brush a layer of mascara to increase the curling degree and merge the true and false eyelashes together. If the curling degree of eyelashes is not enough, you can gently clip eyelashes with eyelash curler. Wearing false eyelashes is complete.
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