Biuty Lash flourishing is your first choice(Biuty Lash is a professional wholesale lashes suppliers, eyelash extensions suppliers,with 10 years experience in manufacturing strip lash.

Does XinRong provide OEM service?
Qingdao XinRong Co., Ltd provides OEM services. As you focus on research, marketing, and internal processes, we will bring your products to market quickly and economically with the expert support you need. With our OEM services, you can rely on our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities to reduce your capital investment. Our customer loyalty and creativity make our longevity and success possible.

With the expanding of natural looking strip lashes, Flourishing has caught more and more attention of the customers. The best strip lashes series has become a hot product of XinRong. The raw materials of Flourishing eyelash extension tools have been extensively tested by the third-party testing organization to ensure that these materials meet the safety standards in the sauna industry. XinRong never hurts minks and uses only their naturally shed hairs. Through custom printed logos, brand, product, and company information, this product helps the microtargeting of prospective customers. XinRong produces as many as 30 million pairs of false eyelashes every year.

our team aims to be the best manufacturer of natural looking eyelash extensions in the international market. Inquire now!
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