As a makeup novice, on the way to beauty makeup talent, you must have false eyelashes. For almost every girl who loves beauty, sticking false eyelashes

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-26
Tools/raw material eyelash curler, false eyelashes, glue, scissors, eye shadow brush method/Step 1: as a beauty makeup novice, the common mistake is to directly stick the bought false eyelashes to the eyes. To know that the false eyelashes bought are not necessarily suitable for your eye shape, you should trim the false eyelashes according to the shape and size of your eyes and cut them to the most suitable length. This step can't be lazy. How to stick false eyelashes? STEP2: Use eyelash curler to curl your eyelash curler before sticking false eyelashes. How to stick false eyelashes? STEP3: dip the black eye shadow with an eye shadow brush and apply it on the root of eyelashes. How to stick false eyelashes? STEP4: apply the glue of false eyelashes to the root position. Do not apply too much or too little to cause the viscosity to be insufficient. How to stick false eyelashes? STEP5: Fix false eyelashes from the middle, and then fix both ends of the head and tail respectively. How to stick false eyelashes? STEP6: after sticking the false eyelashes, you must not forget to brush the eyelashes again with mascara to make the true false eyelashes naturally integrated. How to stick false eyelashes? How to stick false eyelashes? END note, after painting eye makeup, stick false eyelashes.
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