Biuty Lash flourishing is your first choice(Biuty Lash is a professional wholesale lashes suppliers, eyelash extensions suppliers,with 10 years experience in manufacturing strip lash.

Any further technical information about XinRong?
Qingdao XinRong Co., Ltd is known for gathering extensive technologies in the industry and market. XinRong is aware of the significance of technologic advances and continues to invest much time in training engineers and introducing new science and technology related to the manufacturing of XinRong. The technology we adopt proves to be applicable and executive, resulting in the further an increase in productivity and a decrease in processing time. To learn more details, customers can visit our factory. Our engineers are willing to explain the technology we use to you.

Flourishing from XinRong is a very famous brand at home and abroad. The natural looking strip lashes series has become a hot product of our company. In the production of Flourishing synthetic eyelash extensions, our professional and dedicated team is ready to develop, test and finalize the sophisticated product with an optimum ratio of actives and efficiency that can meet the standards in the beauty makeup industry. we is one of the leading private label cosmetic businesses in China. This garment posses classic and current fashion trends desired by consumers. And its appearance fulfills the wearer’s emotional needs, such as wanting to impress or be accepted by others. Easy to use & gentle to remove, our company's eyelash extensions are loved by every girl.

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