Although this is an era of cosmetic surgery, the whole nature is still highly praised by everyone. Fake nose, fake chin may be seen at a glance, but fake eyelashes

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-18
Take a closer look at Fan Ye's photos with fake eyelashes pasted. Her eye shape is characterized by big and long eyes, so she should choose some eyelash styles that make her eyes more magical in the longitudinal direction. Although her makeup looks domineering as a whole, the long false eyelashes are unexpectedly natural. The fairy sister liu yifei can be said to be the beauty of the iron. Do you think sister Shen Xian does not stick false eyelashes? Then you are totally wrong! Although Liu Yifei's eyes are already divine enough, acting activities are still inseparable from the assistance of false eyelashes. The second half of her false eyelashes are slightly heavier, not particularly thick, but maintain a density similar to her eyelashes. Therefore, both the school play and the costume play can be fully held. See if there is an impulse to put everything in your hand and put a false eyelash on yourself now? In this aesthetic era of 'all kinds of products are only plain and high-looking', it is absolutely impossible for a girl who does not stick false eyelashes to be a scheming girl. False eyelashes can make your eyes smart and beautiful, therefore, most girl papers cannot be separated from false eyelashes.
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