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One. Novice stage. Draw eyeliner first. It will not be empty after you post it. Special 2. The most common and the most expensive photo studio suitable for beginners is the wholesale one. A box of 10 pairs of a few dollars a box of this kind of false eyelashes, the most kinds of quality is not good, most of them are one-time use, the studio is suitable to stick this kind of false eyelashes can be boldly used, novices can be used to practice. Novices suggest to gently take out the whole false eyelashes and cut off the extra stems first ~ Then bend the eyelash to make it a little Radian, then apply glue to the stem and wait for a while for about 10 seconds to blow ~ Hmm ~ Use clip 【Novice tools are not complete and can be used by hand] Put him perpendicular to your eyelids about a little above your real eyelashes, stick them on, and click more glue on the head and tail of the false eyelashes, and then press them emphatically to open your eyes at this time, may need to adjust the position ~ It needs to match your eyeliner, and there will be no gap between the true false eyelashes after painting the eyeliner ~ Novices don't need to stick eyelashes. It's already great to get a pair of eyelashes. Remember not to use the glue given by Yan ~ Cheap goods can choose the false eyelash glue of Pei Lan ~ Then continue to talk about the choice of false eyelashes, generally there will be, cotton stalk, transparent stalk, woven stalk cotton thread and transparent soft, double eyelid is better sister can choose ~ But for the eye shape is not good! One large and one small! Need to adjust the eye shape! Inner double! Eye fat thick! These girls! Please! You guys! Be honest! Yes! Give up! Cotton thread! Terrier! Input! Woven terrier! Hard stem! Yes! Embrace! Two. Advanced stage. Don't use the false eyelashes I said just now. It is only used to practice hand-held hands. It's fake and easy to reflect light. Plastic is also very uncomfortable ~ If you don't have enough money, you can choose Medical fiber, and if you have more money, you can put it into the arms of real hair. You can choose AI Dell, which is cheap and comfortable, and it won't be fake. In fact, real hair is also cheap, can be brought repeatedly but need to be cleaned ~ In the advanced stage, you can modify your false eyelashes. You need to cut them naturally and choose the eye tail to pull the long length with charming effect, you need to cut your eyes and tails shorter and make lovely round eyes ~ At this time, you can superimpose the two pieces together to create a dense effect, such as a transparent and natural pair/half-width eye tail lengthened and half-width pasted on one pair. Well, girls who need very natural effects can only use half of them. Taobao sells them ~ We describe the makeup with half a picture as Green ~ Tea ~ Bitch ~ Makeup, because it's really natural, but it can also put big eyes and lengthen eyelashes, very ~ Green ~ Tea ~ Bitch ~ Of ~. Please don't use black glue for girls who stick half eyelashes. . . Because we want to be green ~ Tea ~ Bitch ~! ! There are several meanings of pasting a pile of black eyes. 【 However, green tea makeup is only suitable for double eyelids or thin eyes. Thick Please automatically ignore that you have no life! ] Before you stick it, you can support your double eyelids. If you have thin eye fat, you can choose double eyelid fiber or double-sided double eyelid. Do you see the root of your eyelashes? Yes, that's it. Brush the glue and wait for ten seconds, lift your eyelids up a little, OK, stick, pay attention to the back! ! But in the end, don't exceed your eyeliner! ! ! This kind of eyelash must choose a very natural transparent stem ~ This is enough naked makeup! ~~~ Have you pasted it? Look in the mirror and see if it droops. If it droops, stroke it up immediately! ! ! ! Quickly, half of it is easier to SAG than the whole pair, and it is a little higher when it is posted. Don't be afraid to exaggerate at first because you will find everything is just right soon. Three. Advanced stage. At this time, there is basically no need for clip assistance. Hmm. You also know very well when and what glue to use ~ Can challenge some of the higher-end atmosphere on the level of eyelashes, especially to the nightclub tb there are all kinds of hollow butterflies, Halloween false eyelashes, a pair of for a rainy day ~ Basically, many girls have mastered the advanced level, and it is enough to cope with the daily life ~ Knowing your eye shape is the key ~ You must try more, post more and observe more to find the most suitable way for you. Other experiences are just talking, and the key is to practice by yourself ~ PS: It doesn't matter whether the real eyelashes are brushed or not. It is generally not obvious under the attack of eyeliner and false eyelashes. No one has scratched your eyes. As far as I am concerned, false eyelashes are more convenient than real eyelashes and do not make up. It is an artifact. I have already abandoned mascara, in case the slag falls off the contact lens, it is really a disaster, and if you don't Brush Mascara, you can reduce a lot of burden, depending on your personal choice.
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