10 for the service of the supplier of the five-magnetic false eyelashes, the eyelashes are still in a relatively obvious position when they just fall in, and it is easy to be found. If you rub them with your hands

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-21
1 cutting eyelashes does not make eyelashes longer, the length and thickness of eyelashes are beautiful or not, mainly related to genetic factors and nutritional status, and the method of cutting eyelashes is useless. There is no scientific basis. If it is really useful, there will be no short eyelashes. The function of eyelashes is to protect the eyes. Eyelashes grow on the front lip of the eyelid margin and are arranged in 2-3 rows, short and curved. Upper eyelid eyelashes are many and long, usually 100-150, the average length is 8-12mm, slightly forward above the bending growth. Lower eyelid eyelashes are short and few, about 50-75, the length is about 6-8mm, slightly forward and downward. 4 eyelashes will be constantly updated and reborn. The life span of eyelashes in hair is short, with an average life span of 3- 5 months, constantly updated, root development of eyelashes, after self-extraction, weeks can grow 1- 2mm, about 10 weeks, can reach the original length. Children's eyelashes are long and also curved. In daily life, there is no scientific basis and no help for some parents to remove eyelashes or cut eyelashes for infants and young children to make their eyelashes black and bright! Because the eyelashes will fall off and then grow again. Today, there are as many as two thousand enterprises producing false eyelashes in Pingdu, Qingdao. The output of false eyelashes accounts for about 70% of the total output of eyelashes in the country, with an annual output value of several hundred million yuan. Today, great changes have taken place in the trade environment and mode. Is the 'City of eyelashes' still Pingdu in the future? Is it time for Pingdu to keep pace with the times? Sometimes when you want to quickly get a simple and magical light makeup in the morning, you only need a few makeup products, and you must have mascara, even girls with makeup skills can confidently apply eyelashes before going out. Why is this still necessary? Want to know the distance between you and the electric eye is only a few millimeters of eyelashes! I don't deny that some people's eyelashes are naturally thick and long, and the average growth cycle of eyelashes will fall off automatically from 3 months to 6 months, just like the skin cells will renew alternately, after falling off, it will grow again, and it will grow 1 ~ 2mm, about 2 months long, but people who are born longer than your eyelashes will be 1mm longer than you per week, or 1 month longer than you, moreover, its toughness is good and the number of falls off is small. This is the gap. The plastic stem is relatively hard, and the makeup effect is much better than cotton thread and fish thread, because it can hold up the eyelids, but it is difficult to remove makeup. However, for the hand-disabled party, it seems that you will never learn to stick false eyelashes to the false eyelashes. Before choosing the right false eyelashes, what you have to do is to understand your eye shape and the type of false eyelashes, because everyone's eye shape is not the same, not all false eyelashes look good when pasted. For example, some people have European double eyelids, and exaggerated false eyelashes can be used for this type.
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