1. First of all, prepare a mirror of sufficient size to be placed in the position facing your face. The angle of the mirror should be tilted a little. 2. Use

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-29
The cotton pad is dipped in toner to gently wipe the eyelids to remove excess grease and dirt on the eyelids. 3. Use a small fork with a fixed position to set the position on the eyelid, and then leave traces of the fork as a reference for gluing. The general position should be set at the eyelash vertically upward 3- 5mm of the position, if it is the inner double eyelid or to do a special effect of the eyelid, you can according to their own requirements to locate. 4. Apply appropriate amount of glue to the fixed fork marks on the eyelids with a small brush of eyelid glue. If it is already a double eyelid, the amount of glue should be appropriately increased to stick the original double eyelid fold and the new fold together to ensure the effect. 5. When the eyelid glue becomes transparent, a small hair dryer with cold air effect can also be used 40- 50 cm, close your eyes and blow your eyelids to shorten the waiting time. 6. Use a fork to press out the wrinkles on the gluing part, and then modify the double eyelid fold line at the end of the eye, followed by the double eyelid fold part at the inner corner of the eye head.
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