1. First floor

by:Biuty Lash     2020-03-03
2. Two layers 3. Three floors and above, own town building ~ The landlord found that the number of eyelash layers directly affects the makeup effect. The following are the makeup surface of the landlord's first layer, the two layers and the three layers of false eyelashes. It seems that every time two pairs of eyelashes are pasted, two layers and one layer, yes, it is estimated that according to the modeling needs of the shot, the two-layer eyelash effect and the three-layer eyelash effect are different for everyone. Some people like light makeup and some like heavy makeup, personally, I think that the 3-layer eyelashes are more suitable for the landlord. After all, it is not beautiful and needs to be filled with heavy makeup. The makeup is too light. More than 2 is the effect of three shots on the plate, and they all use the same beautiful pupil, so you should be able to clearly see the difference in makeup. Opera needs more makeup. The last time I took opera, I only put a layer on it. I feel so ugly! 2 or 1. I didn't meet one with three layers. I feel very sorry that there are both layers on the first floor, this time it is the first floor recently. I think it depends on personal preferences. I don't like to stick multiple layers, two layers of eyelashes and eyeliner, and accidentally smoke. Many fresh themes will be very strange, and it is easy to poke uncomfortable. . . In addition, I like the picture of the big side face, and the eyelashes of the side face with too many close-up eyelashes are very difficult to make and easy to appear fake. I have several pictures of myself that I always think eyelashes look like brushes, it is too thick and does not have the kind of slender and shaped texture one by one. I have put on four layers of makeup at most, that is, this time I am drunk in the spring breeze, it may be that my eyes are swollen, the landlord, what is the theme of the second set of Wei and Jin wind Red, good style and good look! Generally, ancient costumes are one to two layers, and the three layers are special shapes, such as COS type? So ~ I feel that almost all the makeup artists who used dishes 17 years ago used three floors. Later, there began to be fewer and fewer eyelashes, probably due to the makeup of the sample. Later, the sample did not even use false eyelashes, so a layer of eyelashes appeared. I am almost two layers now, because the effect of one layer is not as good as that of two layers, and the layer with beautiful eyes is enough. I still think two layers are more suitable for me. The top one has three layers, the second one has two layers, 3. 4 pieces are one layer, it seems! ! ! This is a layer of eyelashes, confirmed! Ha ha ha. . . This is the first time to go to Changsha to take a card, and then the makeup artist told me that I wanted 30 pairs of eyelashes, which scared me to cry! So poor I chose a pair of eyelashes. Ha ha ha ~ Also very nice! When I saw the photos when I was young, I couldn't help but want to say, 'Fuck, I'm too thin! ! ! ', Two and a half layers, the first time I went to the plate to shoot, I met a wonderful makeup artist, and I put a layer on it. This is a situation that I have never seen before. So my sister said very atmospheric, if you have an indicator limit, use my own, I brought 2 boxes. Guess what the makeup artist said. He said that if the guests have any requirements, they will post them again, otherwise they will all post them one layer. I went, and later I only posted 2 layers. Anyone who has photographed the plate knows that their false eyelashes are not a very thick and exaggerated layer of other studios, their false eyelashes want to achieve a dense effect, at least three layers. Later, I went to the plate again, and the makeup artist directly pasted three layers for me, without me asking. False eyelashes are pasted too much and eyes are big, but the disadvantage is that the eyes of the shape look down, such as looking at flowers, just like sleeping, haha, one layer, one layer, one layer, two layers have been pasted, the two layers feel a little hard to open my eyes. My eyes are more sensitive. I will shed tears when I draw eyeliner or stick false eyelashes.
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