001, a false eyelash auxiliary Trimmer

by:Biuty Lash     2020-04-01
[Patent profile] The utility model discloses a false eyelash auxiliary trimmer, which comprises a cross bar, wherein the middle of the cross bar is connected vertically downward with a vertical bar, A pair of symmetrically arranged semicircular platforms are set on the side edge of the cross bar on both sides of the vertical bar, the semicircular platform is set with a section of slope surface which is in the shape of semicircular arc in the long and short direction, and an open seam is set on the slope surface, A row of sawtooth is set on the lower edge of the said open seam, and an arc scale is set on the arc side of the upper end face of the said semicircle table corresponding to the said sawtooth, A pair of symmetrically arranged linear scales are set along the longitudinal direction of the vertical bar. The false eyelashes are stuck on the sawtooth to facilitate the trimming of the false eyelashes. The scissors can directly cut the root of the false eyelashes in the middle of the Sawtooth and cut out the eyelashes suitable for the length of the eyelids. 002, a false eyelash 003, a false eyelash auxiliary trimmer 004, a false eyelash fixing seat 005, a camber memory false eyelash and its preparation and use 006, a combined tray for maintaining and promoting the application of false eyelashes and applicator 007, a manufacturing process 008 of false eyelashes, an auxiliary device 009 for wearing false eyelashes, false eyelashes and its manufacturing method 010, reticular false eyelashes structure 011, false eyelashes structure 013, a single line easy to wear false eyelashes 014, a false eyelashes 015, false eyelashes 016, a false eyelashes 017, a patch structure for sticking false eyelashes 018, false eyelashes and their manufacturing methods and using methods 019, false eyelashes and the application of the method of false eyelashes 020, a false eyelashes half hair forming device 021, a core structure 022 of a bonding device that fixes false eyelashes to eyelids, and a false eyelashes this article links:
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